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Fizzy Bath | Fresh Cosmetics - The Who's Village Christmas Bath Fizzer

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Maybe the Grinch's plan to chillax at Christmas isn't too outrageous!😁 (Breaking into people's houses? Not so much.) So start belting out "Fah who for-aze, Dah who dor-aze, Welcome Christmas, Come this way!" as you fill up the tub and prep for the festivities- you'll be OK when your heart grows thrice its size. Enjoy with a hint of raspberry vanilla! Top Notes: Sandalwood Middle Notes: Patchouli Base Notes: Neroli Size: Mean One 9.4ozs|266g - Loyal Dog 9.4ozs|266g - Sweet Girl 9.2ozs|260g How to use: Fill your bath and drop a bath fizzer in! If you want a color show, hold bath fizzer at waters surface. If you want extra bubbles, place it under the tap while water is still running.